Winter On the DivideArtistic director Cliff Schultz is always striving for the next big project that will celebrate the Loveland Choral Society's love of music and talent.

In his 25th year of producing music with the choral society, Schultz has reached out to artists around Colorado to produce a concert that combines performing and visual arts.

The Loveland Choral Society will present "The Music of Art" at the Rialto Theater on Oct. 9-11 in conjunction with the first weekend of the Loveland Art Studio Tour. The tour is set for Oct. 10-11.

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LRHCHORALSOCIETY2 300It has taken 10 years, but Acoustic Eidolon is joining the Loveland Choral Society for a musical event. The two groups' second performance together,  "Song Threads & Story Lines," is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at the Rialto Theater Center in Loveland.

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That’s the theme of the incredible program planned for our 2014 LCS Christmas concerts December 12.13.14. This year LCS will literally be rockin’ around the Christmas tree and shoutin’ “Hallelujah!” as voices raise to celebrate the birth of Christ and the joy of the season.

LCS will be joined by three outstanding professional soloists who will lead in song and spirit.  Shelly Lindsey and LaTayna Hutchins from Denver have extensive and impressive resumes.  Shelly was enthusiastically recommended by our good friend Hazel Miller, who calls her, “the new Aretha with Mariah thrown in for good measure.”  Shelly has a powerful three-octave range that can both rattle walls and gently soothe.  Her improvisational ability is uncanny and worshipful fervor admirable. LaTayna is Shelly’s older sister.  Trained as a classical lyric soprano, LaTayna has performed major roles in Puccini’s La Bohe’me, Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and toured worldwide with the renowned Harlem International Spiritual Ensemble.  Her mature rich voice captures the true character of the spiritual.  Joining the talented duo is our own Charles Suggs, whom LCS singers have come to know can sing just about anything as well as anyone can sing. You put these three in the driver’s seat,  bring along all the great LCS singing passengers and a hot gospel band of tip-top music makers, and you’ve got a fast rolling and spirit-filled non-stop musical bus.

Acoustic EidolonWhen Loveland Choral Society artistic director Cliff Schultz approached Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire of Acoustic Eidolon fame last December for the possibility of doing another concert program together, the response was an immediate and enthusiastic “We’d love to!”  The talented duo joined LCS in 2004 for a series of sold-out Celtic concerts.  The two groups are really excited to join forces for a second musical adventure.  “We are proud,” notes Schultz, ‘not only to once again have these two immensely talented musical guests bring their unique music to our audiences, but to be the first chorus to premiere their most popular tunes arranged for their instruments and our voices.  It is truly a privilege and joy to work together on this very special musical project.  

Schultz met with Joe and Hannah during over the summer months to choose which AE tunes would be included in the concerts and how they could be arranged for their instruments and LCS.  The duo retained a professional to arrange the music. “The task was challenging, time-consuming and led to several revisions and changes before the final scores were completed,” notes Schultz   “A number of our songs had previously been arranged for orchestra  but never for a chorus,” explains Scott.  This is a first.”  “The sound of the rich choral harmonies brings new life to our music and gives it a whole new character”, adds Alkire. “The end result is stunning. The choir sounds great and we are having a blast working together.”  

Loveland Choral Society program features top works by top composers
By Rhema Zlaten Special to the Reporter-Herald

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Watch Vivaldi, Dvorak, Holst and several other famous composers come to life on the stage during "The Magnificent Seven: The Last Round-Up," the third installment of the Loveland Chorale Society's exploration of classical works.

"Our acclaimed Magnificent Seven series has been immensely popular to our delight with sell-out crowds," LCS artistic director Cliff Schultz said. "There's something about hearing the very best, the tops in classical music. It is more familiar than people think. They hear these famous pieces almost daily in radio and television commercials, selling everything from anti-perspirants to automobiles."

Schultz spent most of his summer researching the lives of Vivaldi, Bizet, Dvorak, Gilbert & Sullivan, Barber, Holst and Hamlisch. He then worked with the chorus and actors to develop a script weaving their music together for an evening of comedy, learning, dancing and singing.

"They talk to the audience, a lot of times in a humorous manner," Schultz said. "You find out about their lives, the fascinating tales and how life affected their music. Sometimes they get upset about how their music has been used over the years."

Windsor resident and LCS tenor Tyler Barnett started with the group about one year ago.

"We usually start practicing for this concert at the beginning of August," Barnett said. "We are picking numbers from these composers and trying to do justice to them. We are celebrating these composers and what they bring to music.

Barnett will be featured in the second half of the show, a tribute to Hamlisch's "A Chorus Line." Local choreographer Natalie Turner planned the dance numbers.

She created the dance numbers to be, "as true to the original Broadway show as possible," Turner said. "The main number from 'A Chorus Line' is 'One' and it is a pretty big iconic number. We have 11 pretty seasoned actors and singers. Some of us are professionals and all of us have been on the stage for quite sometime, so this is kind of an experienced group of pretty quick learners."

The dance portion of the show will feature a lot of jazz dance reminiscent of the 1970s, the time period on which "A Chorus Line" is based.

"It is an awesome show because there's so many numbers that are so familiar from the show, but when they see the actual musical with that music that is so recognizable, that is pretty exciting," Turner said.

The first act of the show will feature an eclectic section ranging from Vivaldi's "Gloria," to Barber's "Adagio for Strings," Holst's "Jupiter" and an off-beat look into the world of opera via Bizet's Carmen. The show will also include witty selections from Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operas the H.M.S. Pinafore, The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance.

The Loveland Chorale Society features singers ranging from 15 to 70 from all walks of life.

"It is a community choir, and that is what we want it to be, people who enjoy singing and the idea of learning different kinds of music and enjoying it," Schultz said. "We have to entertain. If it is not entertaining, it is going to be boring. We have to educate. I always try to teach people something through history, music, or a skit that takes you someplace back in time. And third, we have to engage our audience. We want them to feel a part of the experience. This is a multi-media production. There's video, slides, conversation, and comedy. And for the second half we have a live band. It is just a lot of fun."

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